Comic 159 - SuperMilo's "Apoka-Lips Sheltr" - Happy 2020 from SuperMilo

2nd Jul 2020, 12:54 AM
SuperMilo's "Apoka-Lips Sheltr" - Happy 2020 from SuperMilo
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MiloComics 2nd Jul 2020, 12:54 AM edit delete
Hello, MiloHeads!

I'm sorry our comic has been on hiatus for 6 years! Six long years.... Things didn't work out at the small publishing companies. Charlton Neo's Paul Kupperburg didn't like my art - said it was too 80's indie underground (I agree) and that parents wouldn't buy my comics for their kids (I disagree because most parents don't read comics and think they're ALL for kids) - and let me go. From there, I went to Draztic Measures which didn't work out, to Empire Comics Lab which did work out except that management and changes at my full-time job combined with being unable to keep up art deadlines stressed me out so bad that it exploded my anxiety disorder and depression and gave me chronic fatigue and brain fog for 10 months straight. I've done some small work for Empire Comics Lab and inDELLible here and there on the side, but nothing much. I've been struggling with anxiety and depression and have lost my love for my art and writing, but I keep pushing myself. In 2017 I started Gospelman Ministries, a Christian based comics publishing umbrella and children's costume and gospel magic ministry. I have a few paying Patrons, but not enough to quit the day job. After experiencing some heart breaking let downs in late 2018, I've been struggling spiritually and with the returned anxiety and depression. The result is that Gospelman Ministries has failed to really pick up. I'm considering returning to SuperMilo for some time now as more of an art therapy than me trying to become some rich and famous cartoonist or something, but I don't want to get everyone's hopes up. For now, here some pandemic art for 2020! I did draw some new SuperMilo comic strips, but they're not ready to be seen. Until then, please enjoy this image of a self-quarantining SuperMilo! Who apparently has an anxiety disorder just like me, lol (or he will after crunching all of that coffee ground). Fun fact: Denis Lachapelle commissioned me to do this piece. So if SuperMilo lives again, you all have Denis to thank for his resurrection! ;-)

P.S. - I have had some triumphs in the past 6 years too, of course. I'm now a member of the Southeast Chapter of the National Cartoonists Society based on my work with SuperMilo. I have two Gospelman issues printed and available for purchase online (a separate Indy Planet webstore from our MiloComics). I'm sure you already know that, after the hiatus, I printed two more SuperMilo issues, both black and white, containing content not seen online that are also available for purchase on our Indy Planet webstore. I designed and built an entire Gospelman costume and performed and preached for all ages. My wife and I became foster parents between 2017-2019 until they fired us. Being foster parents was really too much for us to handle. But I was proud and happy while doing it. If not frustrated at Social Services, which sometimes feels cold and calculated towards the kids and foster parents. And I finally have a Proton Pack and military boots and new Ecto Goggles for my Ghostbusters cosplay. If you weren't aware, I technically have my own Ghostbusters fan group chapter, the Central North Carolina Ghostbusters. Unfortunately, I'm also the only active member, lol. I created a webcomic for it in 2007 and you can see all our photos and images across the web, most notably on our new Facebook page. I wish I had more accomplishments than these. It's been a rough 6 years, especially 2019 and 2020...


Slim Kittens 2nd Jul 2020, 2:12 AM edit delete reply
Slim Kittens
Wow. I never thought I'd see Super Milo show up again. So glad that you are still around. Sounds like you've had good times and bad times the past few years. Anxiety and depression are nasty things to co-exist with. Hang in there, it's not forever, it only seems that way.
I don't know if you'll stick with SM (NOT of the BDSM variety) or not, but whatever you do I hope you have great success with your career and family. God bless.