Comic 102 - Ooh... The Light!

11th Oct 2014, 12:00 AM in Scrambled Aliens and Toast part 2
Ooh... The Light!
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MiloComics 11th Oct 2014, 12:00 AM edit delete
Ready for some solo worm adventures?!? Huzzah!!

Well, not for long anyway, but we can't leave the little guy - or you, the reader! - hanging, can we? Let's see the fate of our little cute friend...

Meanwhile, in other news, I've been trying to work non-stop in my spare time on a project for Charlton Comics. But I've take time to write the next SuperMilo stories... speaking of which, POLL TIME!!!

Question #1: Would you rather see:

A) A massive 2+ Year long story that continues the main plot ever so slowly.

B) Fun short stories that won't last more than maybe 8 months or so - then do the above.

Question #2: Also, which story plot interests you more right now?

A) See where the Black Gnat story line is going...

B) See where the Space Worm story is going...

C) What about Milo's other cat friends?

D) Just give me more funny SuperMilo stories!

It won't be for several more weeks (about 6, I think; about a month and a half), but SuperMilo will be going on a kind of hiatus for a bit. Why?

Short story: I'm burnt out artistically and am going on an art sabbatical (Dan, our submission for Charlton is still on-going, no worries; to the rest of you: Yeah, I'm doing this submission thing with Dan Johnson for the Neo Charlton Comic company... Exciting stuff! No info at this time ;-D ).

Long Story: The above, plus I'm WAAAYY behind on SuperMilo updates. I spent the past several many months working on a for-print-only SuperMilo story. I was speeding through it (at my life's allowed pace, anyway) and burnt myself out with the stress and pressure of not only doing that, but doing it in time to once again build up the webcomic's buffer before it ran out of pre-made updates. I thought that I had plenty of time, but I was wrong. We've ran out of my giant pile of "buffer" comics (or will in 7 weeks), so I have to take a break whether I want to or not just to work on the "comic buffer." Also, it'll be good, because I need a break (very tired; no longer feeling the joy when I draw, feels more like forced work now) and am also neglecting lots of chores and things around the house lately due to trying to correct this (yeah, stressed me out; Tom Gray convinced me to admit I need a sabbatical). So, what will happen to the webcomic exactly? It will keep updating! But not with the SuperMilo story (sorry). It will feature my art, advertisements and teasers for things I have my hands in that may be going up for sale soonish, my sketch book pages, FAN ART (that's up to you folks!), but most importantly of all - the return of Tom Gray's webcomic art! Meanwhile, I'll be working on a secret submission for Neo Charlton Comics (no info leak until Dan gives the word), writing for SuperMilo, coloring the for-print-only SuperMilo story and the Space Worm story, and releasing the first two SuperMilo "trade paperbacks." I put that in quotation because they'll be perhaps too thin to be called trades. But I'm calling them trades, so there! lol. I might even take a class or two through the mail with the Kubert Comic Art school. Maybe. After all that (or some of that), once I feel fully rested, I'll get to work on restoring the comic buffer.

Eventually, once I feel good and ready, I'll start uploading those to and start the process all over again! I figure that sabbaticals for me will probably become regular so that I can recharge, but we'll see what the future holds...

For my loyal fans, I really, really apologize. I hope you'll stick around to see my return after the sabbatical! Who knows? It might not be a very long sabbatical at all, since I have a hard time actually resting. ;-)

P.S. - Some webcomic artists live off of their webcomic. You can donate to my Patreon account - a link for it is found at the TOP of the page here titled "DONATE" or you can click here: - but I don't expect to actually be able to quit my job in order to do SuperMilo full time. But wouldn't that be awesome if I could???


Slim Kittens 11th Oct 2014, 8:25 PM edit delete reply
Slim Kittens
Very sorry to hear about your burn out. Do what you need to get rested. Hope to see more of Super Milo and your spin-off comic The Adventures of Wormy Guy. I'll check back on a regular basis. Good luck with your submission to Neo Charlton.