Comic 11 - Not From Outer Space!

11th Jun 2013, 12:00 AM in Origin Story
Not From Outer Space!
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MiloComics 5th Jun 2013, 1:14 PM edit delete
ORIGINAL COMMENT (09-16-2009):

"I need to give a little bit of an apology to everyone expecting a standard complete telling of the origin and not the characters just talking about it, summing it up. I was always planning for these strips to be the fillers of a main series that would be done simultaneously, but I had recently considered marrying the main story arcs to the strip. I was confused and was juggling ideas about but finally I decided that I wouldn't be able to tell the stories how I would want if I were limited to 3-6 square panels. I know there are ways around that, but... Well, good news is that if I hadn't had thought about this, you wouldn't have gotten an origin, and besides - I might still make the strip the main series. We'll see.

Anyway, while working on scripting the origin story I realized I made a horrible flaw!!! I was actually allowing SuperMilo to tell his own story! It's a good thing Stripes, the beatnik cool cat, is around to keep you readers straight, because SuperMilo would never tell any story revolving around himself without HUGE exaggerations! lol

He is not from another planet. But after I came up with that picnic basket rocket-ship "Kitten free 2 good home" idea, I certainly wish I had gone that way, ha ha ha...

Darkwing Duck. Remember him? He lied (excuse me, embellished, lol) about being one of the last sons from a dying world sent to earth as a baby in a rocket too (darn those babies in rockets from dying worlds! They create such interstellar traffic jams...). He was actually just a nerd in high-school that somehow managed to stop a classmate from bullying some people while wearing a costume from the school play. So, now you know why some heroes might like to embellish (*cough* lie about *cough*) their origins. No one will pay money to see "Steve Urkel Begins!" in theaters."

NEW COMMENT (06-05-2013):
I have solved the main series/strip problem by deciding that a series of origin stories precedes the comic strip. The comic strip then becomes the main series from then on out. I have them perfectly synched now.


candiliciouscartoons 27th Jun 2014, 3:50 AM edit delete reply
Aw, I like Strippes, he's way cooler than Spike for sure, LOL! BTW I love the basket ship!