Comic 111 - SNEAK PEEK: Misadventures of SuperMilo Issue 1, page 1

12th Dec 2014, 11:00 PM
SNEAK PEEK: Misadventures of SuperMilo Issue 1, page 1
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MiloComics 12th Dec 2014, 11:00 PM edit delete
Hey, all!

Not a bad hiatus, am I right? Not yet, anyway. Today's is another sneak peek of the first issue of the SuperMilo main series comic, titled "Misadventures of SuperMilo!" I hope to do this or hire an artist to do this some day. I've only the first two pages done right now, but the second isn't scanned or colored yet, so y'all won't be seeing it online. Which is too bad, because it makes sense of the scene you see above and switches over to multiple panels per page. This page serves as something familiar - the 3 panel gag of the webcomic strip - and then leads into a more standard format of superhero story telling. Spoiler: This is a flashback. We join SuperMilo in the future, even farther than where we are in the webcomic right now, as he reminisces on how he got here. There's a tie-in to the webcomic but it's taking far longer than I thought to get there... Maybe I should be hiring help on the webcomic fist?? lol

Again, if you're interested in seeing a main series and purchasing such a book, let me know you support!