Comic 115 - History of MiloComics

2nd Jan 2015, 11:00 PM
History of MiloComics
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MiloComics 2nd Jan 2015, 11:00 PM edit delete
Yeah. It's true. I used to be that guy who did one of those not-often-updating Pokemon fan webcomics. I also used to do a Sonic the Hedgehog fan webcomic. It was somehow more popular than my Pokemon one, although it died faster. I also did a Ghostbusters fan webcomic. That one was my favorite. It had more done for it than the Sonic comic. Anyway, they all died to give you SuperMilo. The samurai comic? Yeah, that never appeared online. Did that for 10 years but it was all research and concept art, nothing more.

I was planning to put out a special 20th Anniversary book for MiloComics last year chronicling all my old crappy comics I drew when I was a kid, but I really didn't think anyone wanted to read that mess. What do you think? You'd pay good money to read that? The stories were probably okay, but the art wasn't.