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16th Jan 2015, 11:00 PM
MiloTeam Staff Page
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MiloComics 16th Jan 2015, 11:00 PM edit delete
At one time, I thought of my collective group of friends as my helpers on the comic. And they were! But eventually we all grew up and became adults and got busy with life. I, however, didn't realize that I still thought of my friends as my "comics team" well into adult life until a couple of years ago. Remember, I've been doing SuperMilo the webcomic for 5 years, so I still spoke of "MiloTeam" during the early years as if I had a real comic studio and staff. But I don't. I have a bunch of great pals who've helped me through the years with comic ideas, website stuff, programming video games, and sometimes even artwork. There are some friends and contributors to my various projects that aren't listed above as well. And sometimes I would help them out with their projects as well.

I realized in recent years that it was self-centered of me to think of them as "MiloTeam" without asking them how they really felt. I know several of them are honored to be listed among MiloTeam, however. But they're my friends and they have their own lives, so it's not fair for me to think my dreams are somehow also their own. I guess I just wanted close-knit friendship and to do comics so much or something. It's nice to work in a team. Everything's awesome, or so the LEGO people would have us believe, ha ha.

Anyway, I tried to be more realistic with the above... I changed the wording a bit from the original version of the page/image and included my brother. Richard technically is a part of the Gospelman team, but he did give me a couple SuperMilo ideas here and there. Like I said, it turns out that at least some of my friends really do want to help with my comics and I, of course, don't want to hurt feelings with the rewording of the page. I just want to treat them as friends, not as employees.

Tom Gray is still a very active MiloComics team member today. He manages the websites and all sorts of stuff. Accompanies me to comic cons and helps promote and advertise the book and webcomic. Yep, he's awesome, and I shouldn't take his friendship or help for granted.

The other peeps are just as awesome, although they have their own lives and dreams to attend to. Nothing wrong with that. Still, actually working on projects together did bring some of us closer together at some points here and there, I thought.

I wish we would work together on something again because it'd give us an excuse to hang out more, ha ha ha. You know how it is when you grow up and get busy with full-time work and stuff, right? Totally that way with me and all of us. I'm pretty stubborn though since comic art and writing is my dream. Having a hard time holding onto that dream these days, though.