Comic 120 - SuperMilo Update

2nd Mar 2015, 7:08 PM
SuperMilo Update
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MiloComics 2nd Mar 2015, 7:08 PM edit delete
Hey, everyone!

Sorry for the lack of updates. We were supposed to have some fillers, but things got busy. Anyway, we're going to try to shove some content to update into the system so you guys can have some art fix for awhile.

I am now an employee of Charlton Neo, a revival attempt of the old Charlton comic book company that died out in the 80's. I am the lead penciler (ok, I made that title up, I'm just THE penciler) on a series known as Hip Hop.

Issue #3 of the Charlton Arrow, their anthology mag, just came out and can be bought online ( ), if you meet Charlton Neo at a comic book convention, or at Stormcrow Comics in High Point, NC. Dan Johnson, writer and one of the editors of Charlton Neo (he's written quite a lot of graphic novels and comic strips for Campfire, Dennis the Menace, Antarctic Press, etc), says that he is trying to get the first Hip Hop story I penciled within Charlton Arrow #5 in time for - HEROES CON!! Guess who's sitting at the Charlton Neo table!?

ROGER MCKENZIE!!! ... Oh, yeah, and me! That's right, I'm a part of the little big leagues now! Roger, of course, is nothing but big leagues in my book! Look him up, he's a veteran for Marvel and etc - and now a co-worker?!? Yeah, God is awesome. I can't explain it otherwise.

Not only that, but - now this is important - Dan is talking about seeing if the editors want to pick up SuperMilo as a webcomic under their Pix-C webcomics branch. Which is awesome!

Unfortunately for you guys, as I have noticed, Pix-C costs $1 per month to read - which isn't bad. But it's $1 more per month than you guys are currently paying. But think of the benefits - I will most likely have a team working with me, which means that SuperMilo will update regularly and in color. Also, it means that I'll be getting paid to do SuperMilo. Now, SuperMilo will continue here until it's official, so please be checking back. Once it is official (if it gets picked up), this webcomic will have a link to the new Pix-C webcomic page of SuperMilo - also, will forward to the Pix-C page as well - and, well, we'll say good night here. I'm hoping that all of you will be following us over to Pix-C if that happens.

So... BOOYAH!!!

By the way, I wrote a Wormy mini-series... Interested? If we get picked up, that could happen! :-) See you in the funny pictures!

P.S. - Charlton Neo will either provide me with a sneak peek for the Hip Hop series to show you all, or give me the go ahead to color and put up the character line-up page (the only page of the character bible currently). Be looking forward to seeing it!

03-10-2015 EDIT: Wanted to make a quick edit/note. SuperMilo going to Pix-C is NOT yet a sure thing. It pends upon Charlton Neo's editors. Also, I've seen Pix-C's website and have realized that what is currently up are completed, standard comics that the publishing company has already printed and sold as books, but are now offered digitally online for a bargain. I was told that the current update pace is two updates a month, site wide (not for each comic I think, just site wide unless I am mistaken) - which only makes sense if it's complete stories per month. I am waiting to hear back from the editors, but I am actually planning to work things out so that the webcomic continues here in black and white and that Pix-C gets completed, polished fully colored versions and back up stories, etc, that I am only offering in the printed books, anyway. Wouldn't that keep the comic more accessible to you guys, my current readership, but also be enough incentive for some of you to pay Charlton Neo $1 per month to read the stories and polished archive that you can't see online anywhere else? Plus, you get access to 100% of the rest of Charlton Neo's digital archives of their printed works too. How's that for a deal?


Slim Kittens 2nd Mar 2015, 10:06 PM edit delete reply
Slim Kittens
Wow, good news. Hope everything works out. And a Wormy series, mini or otherwise? Yes! (betcha didn't see that coming).