Comic 122 - Introducing... HIP HOP!

11th Apr 2015, 12:00 AM
Introducing... HIP HOP!
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MiloComics 11th Apr 2015, 12:00 AM edit delete
Introducing... HIP HOP!

New from Charlton Neo! Written and created by Dan Johnson, designed and penciled by William Boyer, inked and lettered by Claudette Eaton! Coming soon from Charlton Neo!

Charlton Neo will be appearing at HEROES CON this June 19-21. Some of the employees sitting at our table this year will be: Dan Johnson (writer of Campfire graphic novels Jungle Book, Robinson Crusoe, and Oliver Twist; Antarctic Press' Herc and Thor; Hip Hop; and more!), Roger Mckenzie ( ) , as well as new comers Rodney Bennet and Will Boyer, [and maybe more as that's all I know of right now that will be there! -Will Boyer]!

From Will:
WE'RE APPEARING AT LEXING-CON on April 11th and HEROES CON June 19-21 (but at the Charlton Neo booth, peeps! Hoorah for Hip Hop!). Please drop by and see us and buy a SuperMilo book or poster! :-) It's our hope that Hip Hop's first book appearance will be out by then so that peeps can finally see the story and buy it at Heroes Con at the Charlton Neo table! Here's crossing our fingers! :-D

**EDIT (03-24-15):**

Hey, all!

As you all know, I upload and type these comics and messages into the update system well ahead of time. Well, sadly, things have changed concerning Hip Hop being printed by Charlton Neo. Unless otherwise stated, Hip Hop will be a digital webcomic run at Pix-C, Charlton Neo's pay-per-month online comic archive. But, unlike their other current helpings which I believe have all seen print, Hip Hop will be exclusive to their website, it seems. The reason for abandoning print is that apparently my artwork - even when inked by a professional - looks too much like "Underground Comix" art, thus some of the editors of Charlton Neo are afraid parents will steer clear of buying my stuff because they will be confused and think it is for adults only and not kids. I'm not upset, really. I even understand and agree with the decision somewhat, although I never considered my art or comic as Underground. Self-published, yes, undergound, no. But I take it as a compliment as it is my understanding that many of my favorite comics and cartoons started as Underground Comix - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Usagi Yojimbo, Sam and Max: Freelance Police, Jeff Smith's Bone, The Tick, Bucky O'Hare, and more. I am however somewhat shaken as I am not intending to do comics for adults only, or at least not comics that contain many things that personally make me uncomfortable such as sex, drugs, extreme violence, blood and gore, etc. I don't mind doing comics with philosophical, spiritual, religious, political, ethical, ecological, or other such messages - such would be considered to be mostly for adults as for some reason people feel kids shouldn't think about anything deep or meaningful. I've been told in the past by some that I can't, however, do comics for adults because my art style is too cartoony and thus not interesting for the adult to read, and also because kids would be attracted to my art style, meaning I shouldn't do comics intended for older readers anyway, but stick to little kids stuff. That upset me, so I set out to do comics that both kids and adults would like - SuperMilo, for example. I'm a bit shaken or confused to be suddenly told that my art style - as opposed to my writing - somehow suggests an adults only comic and thus I shouldn't do comics for kids, but only for adults. I suppose that, in the end, these are nothing more than opinion. I'm not sure if my work is worthy to stand next to the art of great successful previous Undergrounders such as Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman, Stan Saki, Steven Purcell, and others, but I take the labeling with pride. And I absolutely am not upset that Hip Hop will not be in print anytime soon. Disappointed, yes, but not upset. Why? I'm still doing comics for free because I enjoy it - but now with a team and the possibility of payment. What's not to love, am I right?

But good news to you SuperMilo fans - since SuperMilo is geared toward all or most ages (not strictly adult or child), I don't foresee SuperMilo now going over to Charlton Neo. It was my hope he would get a print run for the main series with other artists helping me, but I'm not sure now. Best to hold off for the time being, I think. See what happens with Hip Hop and what direction Charlton Neo decides to go and what other titles they put out. I heard they were hoping that my art would look like Archie comics - maybe like Sonic and Mega Man or the old TMNT comic, I'm not sure. I admit, I love those Archie comics and still read them today too! Well, the TMNT run ended, but you know what I mean. I was hoping a fantastic artist like the ones who do Sonic these days would do the SuperMilo main series for me (specifically, I was hoping for years that Tazi-San of Deviant Art would, but I was never able to afford to hire her) - myself at helm as the writer and project manager, etc. But since that's not currently the case, I'm sure SuperMilo will stay put here for a while to come. Maybe he should stay self-published or maybe the right publisher just hasn't come along. Looks like I might be too busy to do SuperMilo anyway, once work on the Hip Hop Pix-C installments hopefully gets underway. Until next time, Milo-Heads!



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My wife and I are, as always, having financial difficulties. We've always lived paycheck to paycheck, and now our tax return has finally given out and we're strained again. A job opportunity came up for a full time job. I turned it down as it wasn't right for me, but I bring this up to you to explain what will happen if I can't start making money off of my comics and artwork: I will have to stop making them all together. Charlton Neo hasn't and doesn't yet pay me for the work I have done since last September 2014 on the Hip Hop comic and my full-time job with the non-profit organization is actually only a part-time job with health benefits. I don't make hardly any money but offer a webcomic for free (albeit on hiatus right now). So, in a last ditch effort, I am finally getting around to using the PATREON account that Tom Gray set up for me LONG ago. Tom Gray is another active member of MiloTeam Comics. He manages the websites and takes care of webhosting and advertising, etc, among other things. He is also a lifelong friend from kindergarten.

Anyway, my hope is that if enough people donate to Patreon per month I can justify the webcomic as a part-time job. Only $800 combined donations a month ($200 a week) will be the standard pay for a comic artist. It's like this: I have 20 free hours a week, minus errands and things, but if I did comic art exclusively those days I could get at least one page of art done a day. The standard pay rate, that I know, is $100 per page. Thus $200 - which would also make the wife happy and stop her from urging me to give up and get a higher paying job that will be more stressful and cause me to never have time to draw or write and force me to quit both the webcomic and the job with Charlton Neo. However, if Charlton Neo starts paying then everything will hopefully work out. Until then, I was hoping for a little boost in my income from Patreon. And it doesn't have to be $800 a month. It could be $400, $100 for a new comic art page a week.

Obviously receiving donations would mean that this place would COME BACK TO LIFE with NEW comic strips. I would be FORCED (woohoo!) to create a new comic strip a week. The money means I'll have an excuse to stay home and work on the comic strip AS AN OFFICIAL PART-TIME JOB. If anyone bugs me, I can let them know I'm at work and will call them back later or etc. No more distractions! lol

And, ultimately, the plan would be to become completely funded per month so that I could quit my full-time job (that's really a part-time job) and do webcomics like SuperMilo full-time, maybe even hire employees. Not holding my breath on that one, but I can dream, right?

There's nothing really wrong with asking for donations either. It allows me to offer a free product; in other words, the donations act as payment for enjoying my webcomic.

But, not only do you get to keep making sure there's MORE SuperMilo for you to read each week (or multiple times a week if I am fully funded!), but Patreon donors will also get EXCLUSIVE COMICS and other content! If you donate now, you'll soon be able to read the 14 page prologue to SuperMilo that will only later be available in print! You'll also get to read MORE ALREADY DRAWN COMICS FEATURING WORMY THE SPACE WORM! As well as a comic strip introducing a new main cast character that I had forgotten to introduce previously - K.A.T.-V., SuperMilo's sentient talking superhero car! Then there's wallpaper and other goodies coming your way, as well as the not-yet-finished back up story, "SEWER WORM," starring WORMY THE SPACE WORM! This story is being made as the back up, print only story in the 2nd color trade, "ENTER THE SPACE WORM!" but will also be offered online ONLY to Patreon donors! So, trust me, you're not donating for nothing!

Anyway, I'm hoping things pan out, but if they don't, it'll still be okay. I did get a raise lately and there's no guarantee I'll get a new job anywhere else. And, who knows, maybe working for Charlton Neo will start paying off?

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