Comic 13 - Not Rich Nor Debonair!

13th Jun 2013, 12:00 AM in Origin Story
Not Rich Nor Debonair!
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MiloComics 13th Jun 2013, 12:00 AM edit delete
ORIGINAL COMMENT (09-23-2009):

"I hope I didn't go overboard with the fence graffiti. Figure out what it all means and I'll give you a cookie.

Ah, the dreaded Garfield curse. Gather round, because you're about to learn the true true true tale of SuperMilo's origin. My stomach muscles wince in abdominal pain at the memory. Anyway, I originally made Milo as a Garfield clone. Jim Davis' Garfield is what got me into cartooning in the first place. Over the years of my youth Milo evolved into SuperMilo. I did include overtime a lot of original non-Garfield content in my series, though. But every now and then someone not in the loop points out that my old comics feel too much like Garfield. Which is why for the reboot of the series I've been trying to go 100% SuperMilo with the time traveling paradoxies, alien goo splattering, pop-culture and superhero genre spoofing, and other funky sci-fi weirdness and bad guy pummeling that is normally found in my favorite series such as TMNT, Sam and Max, The Tick, and Darkwing Duck. But this strip above is a little too much like Garfield. As a matter of fact, having these characters doing anything a real cat (or Garfield) would do painfully looks to me like Garfield. What do you all think? Come on, don't be too shy to comment. I know you're reading my comic, I get at least 10 views a day.

If I haven't mentioned yet, I'm completing and posting this in advance and letting Drunk Duck auto-reveal them to the world. And good news for me! I've finally figure out how to share my comics here on facebook via link (I was sharing SmackJeeves as they have a nifty FB button) and now my average amount of daily views has gone up by 70%! Well, on the day I share it, anyway, har har."

NEW COMMENT (06-05-2013):

Fortunately I no longer see SuperMilo as anything even remotely like Garfield. Hope that's a correct view.

Also, the above was obviously originally written for Drunk Duck. I forgot about posting to FaceBook, that's a good idea... Also, I need to (once I'm not completely out of money), try out Project Wonderful again. Maybe I can get my views up. Please, if you like SuperMilo, spread the word. Cartoonist gotta eat and support his new wife.

This weekend (actually, by the time you read this, it will have been past that), I am going to Heroes Con in Charlotte job hunting. I'm hoping to pick up work on the side or something to replace my full-time job. It's good, but I'm tired of going bankrupt before every pay-check. Maybe art isn't where the money's out though, but can't hurt to try. Art is one of my few skills and strong points.


candiliciouscartoons 27th Jun 2014, 3:51 AM edit delete reply
Strippes should know better!