Comic 148 - SuperMilo Fan Art 17

24th Oct 2015, 12:00 AM
SuperMilo Fan Art 17
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MiloComics 24th Oct 2015, 12:00 AM edit delete
SuperMilo and the Space Worm by Denis Lachepelle of Coffee Bruin' Studios! THANKS, MAN!

NEWS ARTICLE #1 - I'll be appearing with the Charlton Neo team of Dan Johnson and Rodney Bennett at the Troy Halloween Mini-Con on Oct. 31st! See you there!!!

NEWS ARTICLE #2 - In other news, I've been working on SuperMilo again! We're gearing up for a 50+ page book (that will appear online here, of course) of light-hearted gag-a-week material, just for fun, before we get back to our story line. Also, I'm working on some kids' novellas that more fully explain SuperMilo's backstory! I really want to tell these stories, but am busy with Hip Hop and my real job and life, so I've made the compromise to write instead of draw it - for now. But, before any of this happens, I plan to finish coloring the first two trades, collecting everything online so far, and get them printed. Meanwhile, when not doing that, I'll be working on Hip Hop for Charlton Neo. That means things will eventually be on hiatus again here for a time. I tried to keep the embers going by opening up a Patreon ( ) but things didn't go as planned. Only 2 Patrons, peeps! If all of you start pledging, it will definitely get my attention and cause me to start producing SuperMilo more quickly. My plan, my hope, was to have enough Patron pledgers to quit my job and do SuperMilo full-time. Yeah, maybe that was an delusion of grandeur, no? So I've stopped worrying and stressing about it. I quit the whole per-month thing and now offer it per-comic. That way I can post to my leisure. Speaking of which, I'll be running the colored prologue and the entirety of the colored Space Worm story up on Patreon, if you want to see it. And, later, the colored back up story of "Sewer Worm," which is a print only comic (not yet printed; keep a look out!). Past that? We'll see. But the current plan is to post black and white here and color there, when it's ready.