Comic 15 - Not Listening

15th Jun 2013, 12:00 AM in Origin Story
Not Listening
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MiloComics 15th Jun 2013, 12:00 AM edit delete

I didn't read the old comment all the way through. I did have a Ghostbuster fancomic. Check it out on drunk duck and smackjeeves. It's CNCGB.


"10-05-09 Not Listening!
CartoonistWill on Oct. 4, 2009

Hey, everyone! Sorry for no update last Thursday. I just didn't have the time to get the next strip done so soon after completing Monday's strip. I did get a page of my Ghostbuster fan comic done, though, however I'd been working on that for a couple months now in my free time. Let's hope I can get another one done by Thursday this week definitely!

Anyway, surprise! It's more origin story! Yeah, I decided to give you guys the rest of the story. And this time it's a straight telling of the origin story. I was trying too hard to get in a punchline before and I think I have should have summed it up straightforward more, at least starting with last strip. Oh well. I hate how slapdash/spontaneous I'm doing this strip, but the main series is more scripted and fleshed out. Well, I hope I made the best decision. And my apologizes for the vagueness of panel #2, but I can't just spill all of the plot just like that! As a matter of fact, you won't fully know the whole story of what's happening with this mysteriously helpful guy giving Milo powers until the fourth year of the main story! Yeah, I'm that ahead in my pipeline and scripting! Oh, and also, the strip will probably last a little over a year or so. So, you know, I thought you guys would like a few more details before having to wait that long for issue #1. But the strip is good practice til then!

I tried a lot of new and different techniques on this one. I enjoyed giving the blue highlights to the character in this strip that Milo has named "The Mysterious Helper." I've also stopped using the Seiber Space font for all of the text. I now use Winkie. I hope it's easier to read it at such a small scale now. I may go back and retroactively change the font in all of the previous strips. Seiber Space font will now only be used for sound effects and larger text in dialogue for emphasis.

Oh, by the way, I'll talk about it more later, but SuperMilo has his own MySpace page up at and it is blogged in the character's persona. I recently uploaded the past 14 strips and Milo gives his own quick commentary on each strip. The MySpace is good for a quick chuckle. Otherwise I opened it up as a fan way for SuperMilo/the comic to receive fan mail. And because I think it's hilarious. More on that later."