Comic 16 - That's Not All

16th Jun 2013, 12:00 AM in Origin Story
That's Not All
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MiloComics 16th Jun 2013, 12:00 AM edit delete
NEW COMMENT (06-10-13):

Oh, yeah, I did promise to tell everyone how my weekend trip to Heroes Con on June 8th went... Well, I didn't get a job. Had a nice portfolio review and got lots of nice advice from other cartoonists. I spoke to Marcus Hamilton of Dennis the Menace (I'm a friend of one of the gag writers, Dan Johnsonl; Mr. Hamilton is a wonderful guy), Thomas Zahler of Love and Capes (nice guy, I've met him previously and can thank and credit him for my use of non-photo blue pencils), and Jim Amash of Sonic Universe who for some reason refused to give me any advice; he's a fantastic comic artist, though. I think ComicMixPro is the name of the company that gave me a portfolio review. They said my work reminded them of the underground comics of the 60's, 70's, and 80's. It's true that the underground comics of the 80's have had a large impact on my work.


"10-12-09 That's Not All!
CartoonistWill on Oct. 11, 2009

Hey, peoples!

I got a few complaints about my long commentary, so I've shortened the below and will no longer talk about off-topic things in my commentary.

Anyway, sorry for the lack of updating, but I've been particularly busy with college, not using work to its full potential, and well ... met a nice girl, ho ho. I just had to end the origin retelling. It was killing me since I'd rather be doing issue #1 and this was all on the fly. Rushing to get these strips out on time has hurt the quality of the strips' writing. I've departmentalized the strip in my head, but the issues will flow better.

Micro-Evolution and Macro-Evolution are two completely different things. Micro is same species evolution (beagle + pug = puggle), whereas Macro is more of your inter-species type evolution (amoeba->fish->amphibian->reptile->bird). I'm a Christian, but that doesn't mean I don't believe in Micro-Evolution.

SuperMilo is wisecracking in panel 3.

There's much more to the origin so stay tuned for issue #1 of the main series, whenever I make it.

I've been looking at's services. I love them. Only-legal-in-Canada type love.

I hope to get things back on the ball here soon!"