Comic 28 - The Beat Goes On

28th Jun 2013, 12:00 AM in Poetry with Stripes
The Beat Goes On
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MiloComics 28th Jun 2013, 12:00 AM edit delete

This comic strip was originally released online in three segments: The first three panels in black and white, the entire comic in black and white, and finally in color.

The printed version of this, coming soon in a 2nd issue color book, will have these characters darkened out to avoid any potential legal trouble.

I should probably credit each of these characters and list copyright information within the strip itself. Allow me to do so in the future... As for the printed version, that is fortunately taken care of.


10-26-2010 Beat Beat Beat [bw teaser]
CartoonistWill on Oct. 25, 2010

"Hello all of habitual insomnia! HAIL!

A quick update for tomorrow! I didn't get this new comic done on time, but here's a sneak peek at hopefully Thursday's comic! To let you all know the skinny as to why I haven't been updated as consistently lately, it's because I've made job hunting a #1 priority as I'm in a serious relationship with a wonderful girl right now with a wonderful girl named Mandie! (Hey, honey!) That and sheer laziness and internet addiction (and playing Sonic 4). Anyway, this isn't all of the panels for this comic as it's a 6-panel. I simply haven't drawn the remainder yet (which means more surprises for you!). Hopefully the unfinished panels and colored version will be completed and up by Thursday or Friday!

Speaking of the week end, Tom and I will be setting up table and selling SuperMilo at Infinicon this Saturday! It's in Winston-Salem, NC at the National Guard Armory next to Forsyth Tech on October 30th from 10AM to 5PM, and we'd love to see some local or semi-local fans there! I'm hoping to have individual print outs of the individual comic strips to sign and sell there for maybe .50 cents a piece as well as a few colored issues and some cheaper black and white preview issues. I'll also be taking requests drawing things there and, well, we'll see what else! Looking forward to a great time with fans and fellow creators.

Of the many artists and writers that will be there, good friend Jay Gobbler of Vanguards of Comics will also have a table. Be sure to check out his work! !/pages/Vanguards-of-Comics/379254477568?v=wall

Note: Does anyone else think I should start doing black and white? I think I'm good at it, but I'm obviously in love with doing it that way even if I'm not. ;-)"


"11-06-2010 Beat Beat Beat CANE [bw]
CartoonistWill on Nov. 5, 2010

Hey, all!

This is the last panel that I was not able to finish for the last update. I've been busy working on colors but this week has been a tough one what with a sudden loss in my girl's family, which was a death that has heavily affected us all. I was asked to be a pallbearer for her grandmother, a lovely woman I had come to know and love. Although I am starting to return to normalcy, the grandmother helped raise my girl and to her it is as if she lost a mother. So if you're of the praying sort, please keep her in your prayers. Thanks!


11-09-2010 The Beat Goes On
CartoonistWill on Nov. 8, 2010

"Hey, all!

This is the colored version of the full, "Beat Beat Beat" strip. I renamed it, "The Beat Goes On" because I thought the final large panel changed the feel of the original 4 panel black and white I gave that name to. It also helps me keep them straight on the hard drive.

So far reactions have been positive for the cameos. Speaking of which, Jack Action - who is the super with an eyeball for a head - is not in his final colors momentarily as I'm still not certain what colors that character is (he comes from a black and white comic).

Anyway, please give some critiquing if you can on the shadows and light sources and stuff as I hope I've gotten everything right. I really had a lot of fun on this one and just chose the colors of the top 4 panel on a whim. The 2nd and 3rd panels represent evil and good as in the view of the character, where as the 4th panel is a return to normalcy as he breaks the poetic dialogue by saying, "Dig?" which is a direct question to the audience. The 1st panel I'm not sure about because I just joke the swirly purples because it looked good.

Let me know what you think overall. Personally, I think it's great. It breaks a little away from the quality of the last two (it's different if not better), but that's not so bad since these are serial strips.


The CAMEO LIST is as follows:

Anyway, See anyone you recognize in the Jazz Cafe? I was originally only going to include friend Jay Gobble's Jack Action character (the eyeball headed superhero) as a nod to his comic "Tales of Insanity" and the upcoming cross over that he has been working on with SuperMilo, but as I've been wanting to place cameos among the Jazz Cafe patrons for quite some time, I went ahead and did so. They're all Indie comics characters, which I feel suits my comic that much more, and all come from comics I truly enjoy. If any of the creators wish these cameos taken out, please let me know. :-)

Cameos include (from left to right):

1) Jack Action of "Tales of Insanity" by Jay Gobble of the Vanguards of Comics

2) No. 8 of "FantastiTeam" by ProfessorF

3) Mind Mistress by By Al Schroeder

4) Space Pig of "SuperFogeys" by Brock Heasley

5) Good Guy by Andrew Rodriguez

6) Ted the Terrible Superhero by Barton and Cooper "