Comic 30 - Happy Veterans' Day / Commie Cigars

30th Jun 2013, 12:00 AM in Poetry with Stripes
Happy Veterans' Day / Commie Cigars
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MiloComics 30th Jun 2013, 12:00 AM edit delete
NEW COMMENT (06-28-2013):

Okay, this comic strip's past is very convoluted. I was focusing too much on getting the comic out rather than on producing something of quality. Both the writing and art was therefore hurt by this. This is actually two strips converted into one. The first version is panels 1, 2, and 6. The second strip was originally comprised of panels 3, 4, and 5. The end result was the above. The reason for this is because it didn't have very good continuity flow to help bring us to the next strip after these two. Black Gnat needed to say that line, "Calm yourself," in order to bring us to the next strip, but Stripes started the conversation in that same strip in which Black Gnat ended the dialogue between the Colonel and Stripes. Therefore I merged the dialogue in the best way in which it would make sense. I think the above isn't too bad of a compromise between the two. Below are all of the comment posts associated with the 4 different releases of this strip.

OLD COMMENT #1 (black and white, panels 1, 2, and 6):

01-25-2011 Happy Veteran's Day
CartoonistWill on Jan. 24, 2011

The comic is back!

And I swear we'll see regular updates this time, even if it KILLS ME. 0____0

Why did I stop updating regularly? Because I got a girlfriend (we are celebrating our first anniversary in February). Enough said. I was also very adamant on getting a full-time job before working on this anymore (but the US economy tanked and there are no jobs - I am sad). I have also been working on a children's book the past couple of months for a client who is paying me (this means money! Money is good). But I have to start working harder on this by working in whatever time I do have left.

Anyway, I'm embracing my black and white comic passions 100% now as coloring only slows me down. I'd love to give you all color again, but I can't promise that. Color may or may not only be offered in future printed SuperMilo comic books.


*FEB 4-6
*Greensboro, North Carolina

The annual "What the Hell Convention" (sorry for the expletive, that is the con's actual name) is coming up Feb. 4-6 at Guilford College in Greensboro, NC and Tommy and I have a table to sell the SuperMilo comic and other things. But I admit I am flat broke and cannot order anymore issues of the comic or t-shirts or mugs or con-badges or what have you. I wish we had more to show though, I'm quite embarrassed by that (this would be my 3rd table). Despite this, we will have a good time and hope to see many local North Carolina people show up to join in the festivities. I will be sketching commission requests and have what I can to show and sell, so we hope you all will be able to come out if you can.

OLD COMMENT #2 (black and white, panels 3, 4, and 5):

#31.2 – Commie Cigars
CartoonistWill on April 29, 2011

Hey, all!

Sorry for the LONG hiatus! I have a plan to end that, but you might not like my idea. More on that later.

Also – I apologize for something about today’s strip – it’s backtracking. You see, I’ve created this because A) It’s a gag I really like and B) I needed to add it somewhere in this story arc for the printed version to fit the pages better. This will be inserted slightly earlier on in this filler story (yes, this Jazz Cafe story is only a filler and yes I know it’s taken me many months and I’m not done yet).

There is another slightly new comic update ready for next time! After that? The hiatus will be over… Kind of. There’s a change coming up. Hope you like it, but it has to be done. Should be fun. Check back on Monday for the next comic update and on Wednesday when I unveil the news of how I’m going to end the comic’s hiatus. (It’s not a new artist replacing or assisting me, although the extra help would be spankin’!)

I am aware that many of the past updates of SuperMilo have disappeared from the Drunk Duck database. I believe this to be because of a DD error in the past. I will correct this when I have time. Sadly, I do not know when this will be. Please go to to read through the archives until then. Thank you.

-William Boyer

OLD COMMENT #3 (black and white, all panels):

#31.3 – Unhappy Veteran’s Commie Cigars!
CartoonistWill on May 1, 2011

Today's comic is just a repeat of two older comics. This is how these two comics (#31 and #31.2) may be organized in the final page in the printed collection. I'm not sure though as I feel they are stronger on their own as 3 panel comics instead of #31.2 inserted between the 2nd and 3rd panel of #31. I did this because Stripes starts the dialogue but Black Gnat ends it and starts his own all in #31. So, where does #31.2 belong?

Be here Wednesday as I unveil how I'm going to end the hiatus... :-) And no, it doesn't involve a new artist helping out, although that would be spankin'!

OLD COMMENT #4 (final colorized version, all panels):

#31 Happy Veteran's Day / Commie Cigars
CartoonistWill on Aug. 8, 2011

Wow, would you look at that... Today is the 2nd anniversary of when SuperMilo originally debuted online at its first upload site, A lot has happened since then. Actually, not really, which is sad. It's been two years. I was so distracted by trying to hold down a job and get married (a worthy cause that I'm still pursuing) that I didn't even realize it when the first anniversary came around. And now that the 2nd is here I am suddenly realizing just how long this comic was on hiatus. WOW. Really? I could have been a lot farther and maybe even celebrating a complete hard or softcover book release by now collecting all of the strips I could have finished but didn't. Not to mention the elusive main series with more action and other surprises I'd been planning. Anyway... That only serves to push me harder. So, 2nd HAPPY ANNIVERSAY to SuperMilo the Strip webcomic! Now, back to work for me, ha ha ha...

Still coloring through the extremely tiny archive of uncolored strips. New strips coming after these are colored. How many more to color? Let's see... Either 2 or 4 more depending on whether or not I throw out the character bios (in the end I thought they were unneccesary). I'm VERY eager to get past this boring story arc and get back to SuperMilo and the jokes! That's what you all love, am I right? ;-)

We seem to be currently updating every Tuesday, but let's see if I can get it back to a twice-a-week schedule.

Don't forget that all fan art can be sent to me via SuperMilo's facebook SuperMiloCat @ or SuperMiloFanArt @!