Comic 32 - A New Hero

2nd Jul 2013, 12:00 AM in Poetry with Stripes
A New Hero
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MiloComics 2nd Jul 2013, 12:00 AM edit delete

We're almost to the new updates! WOOOO!!!

I actually was able to start coloring the new updates - but I'm not promising anything! Be they in color or black and white, I can promise that they will update here every Saturday. The first NEW UPDATE will be THIS Saturday on the 6th!!! WOOOO!!!

P.S. - The prints mentioned below were not able to be offered. Well, the Groo vs. Usagi one, yes, but my brother never got around to painting the Acrylic SuperMilo. Aw, well. :-)


#33 - A New "Hero"
CartoonistWill on Aug. 18, 2011

Hey, everybody!

Sorry for the late update. Oh, and I'm going back and replacing #32 - It's Time with a slight alternate color version. It looks better than what I originally uploaded.

In other news, I had been working with the American Museum of Beatnik Art (known as AMBA) located out in California to make sure the use of my Jack Kerouac poetry within SuperMilo wasn't copyright infringing. However, interestingly, they asked if some of the SuperMilo strips dealing with beatniks could be put on display in their online exhibits on their website. I'm truly honored. More details as they become available. For right now, the website is: []

Meanwhile, my client Kelly Morrison recently put the children's book I illustrated for her up online:

As far as my job front goes, I'm still unemployed. A couple of places want to hire me right now but everytime we get close to me becoming an employ something happens and I'm asked to wait a few more weeks. Computer problems, too busy, past employers lying about my work performance, call-backs abruptly cease; man, it's tough. I have faith this one place is going to hire me against all odds, but I'm otherwise this close (puts his fingers slightly together) to holding an employee job fair / advertising positions, holding interviews, and forming a larger MiloTeam group to open our own studio. Times are tough. I'm just glad I know that God's looking out for me and no matter what I don't have to worry because I know everything is going to be fine. So, how's everyone else's work situation right now? Feel free to drop a line about your luck or lack thereof.

While I'm waiting for work I've got freelance commissions I'm still working on: got another children's book, a family portrait, a whole superhero comic book, and a few other commissions.

Also, if you live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina or the surrounding areas, don't forget to drop by InfiniCon around the end of October this year, located at the National Guard Armory next to Forsyth Tech on 2100 Silas Creek Parkway. I'm setting up table there again and selling my work. This year, although I'm not sure I can afford to order more books from Ka-Blam of SuperMilo, I do know that I will be selling 11x17 portrait prints of some special works of mine. My brother, who is a traditional acrylic painter, will be painting a psychedelic rendition of SuperMilo as a realistic looking cat and prints of it will also be sold at the convention. Please be aware that the prints will not be offered for sale online, although thumbnails will be shown, so don't miss out on this opportunity!

Prints that will be available in October (more to be listed in future posts):
1. Stan Sakai's "Miyamato Usagi" and Sergio Aragones' "Groo the Wanderer" in a tense yet hilarious meeting surely followed by an epic duel. Digitally painted by William Boyer.
2. Realistic SuperMilo via acrylic paints on canvas (print only), painted by Robert Boyer.

See you there!