Comic 37 - Frisky and Hannah Case File

13th Jul 2013, 12:00 AM in Poetry with Stripes
Frisky and Hannah Case File
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MiloComics 13th Jul 2013, 12:00 AM edit delete
Hey, everyone!

Sorry to keep you waiting until this Saturday, but thems tha rules. Do keep coming back though because, despite you having to wait 7 days, we WILL ALWAYS update once a week on Saturday (unless somehow I can't make it to a computer with internet within the entire 6 day period).

Ta-da! I was able to colore another one! HUZZAH!

Today's strip is the LAST case file! (Thank goodness!) It combines the Frisky and Hannah characters together as I thought it made the most sense this way. Frisky and Hannah are inseperable (sometimes to Frisky's frustration). Depsite that, Frisky and Hannah are ever in love.

I'm actually still developing these characters. Hannah is a little of a mystery. As I'm trying to figure out who she is, it seems in my writing that she also is trying to find her place in life. Having not long ago evolved or mutated from normal cats into what they are now, they feel lost in the world and must think through hard questions. "Who am I? What do I do now?" The Origin Story and following stories within the main series (which I am currently drawing and coloring) follow our main cast as they struggle with these questions. I might - MIGHT - turn it into a youth's novel or etc since it is a LONG, BIG story and I am just one man doing a webcomic and print comic simultaneously. But be looking in the distant future for more info on that! It will go on sale and will not appear online, whether it is a comic or a novel mixed with comic pages and images. My current progress is I am 100% done with page 1.

Frisky here is also still in development. The original comic I did when I was a kid had him evolve into "BatCat," SuperMilo's rival. That is happily scrapped as it is, well, stupid and unoriginal. In the original comics I also evolved the character and turned him into the Kendo Kat, giving him a katana and a martial arts sensei. That is also scrapped, but elements of it remain. Above I make mention of the possibility of him using a sword and show him with a machete, his cutting tool of preference. Fighting wise, he prefers to brawl the old fashioned way - with his fists! The new Frisky is a laid back street fighter, a gentleman, and SuperMilo's "bro." Not much has changed from his original version in the original comics I did when I was a child, except I have made efforts to drop character elements that did not make sense.

It's this kind of story writing that I didn't have time to think about back when I was stressing to get updates completed instead of really REALLY think about where the comic's writing was even going. I'm glad I had a few years hiatus to think things over, at least so I could correct things like this.

More comics to come soon! And, yes, NO MORE CASE FILES!!! WHOOO!!!

So, if you missed it, here's our main cast of feline characters:

1. SuperMilo, the irresponsible superhero!

2. Stripes, the sensitive and artistic lost child of the beat generation!

3. Tigger, the fiesty auto-mechanic who won't take any crap!

4. Frisky, the laid back street brawler with a heart of gold!

5. Hannah, the sweet manx girl with a passion for fashion!