Comic 39 - Distrustful

27th Jul 2013, 12:00 AM in Poetry with Stripes
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Author Notes:

MiloComics 27th Jul 2013, 12:00 AM edit delete
Hey, all!

Today's installment of SuperMilo is one of which I think the coloring came out very well. I hope the text isn't too small to read - it is quite a mouth full!

In this one I wanted to show the reader a little bit of Arachnerd and Black Gnat's personalities. More so Arachnerd, although we do see here more of Black Gnat's similarities with Batman. Yes, Black Gnat is my non-copyright infringing vehicle for making fun of our beloved Dark Knight. Anyway, this is definitely an Arachnerd moment. Black Gnat doesn't trust our new "hero" and his friends, but Arachnerd is more accepting; he is a peaceful, scientific minded individual who is willing to give the misunderstood a chance.

Arachnerd here, as you might notice, mentions Darwin. This is done more-so for the humor, but I suppose it does speak of his beliefs. Being mutated from a spider into a man-spider, and being turned onto the wonders of modern science, he might find meaning or purpose in Darwinism. Yes, some of the characters do have religions in my comics which won't be revealed until it is appropriate (for example, Black Gnat may be Catholic, which is another little known aspect of the Batman character due to Frank Miller, etc). I feel that world views are inescapable - we all have them whether we realize it or not - and that they should be celebrated and shared in appropriate ways. I'm not sure, then, whether or not Arachnerd really is a Darwinist or not, but it seems likely or appropriate. That is however beside the point of today's comic which is simply showing that Arachnerd loves modern science and scientific theory and is more likely to side with the misunderstood mutants and "monsters" of the world, much like himself.

Man, I talk too much. I should totally just let my comics speak for themselves.

We're almost done with the Poetry With Stripes chapter! By the way, I might rename this chapter to "Shades of Blue," named after the first strip in the chapter. We'll see.

We'll wrap up this chapter NEXT Saturday! So stay tuned! After that - MORE SuperMilo being SuperMilo! :-)

P.S. - Do you prefer one colored strip a week on Saturday, or two black and white comics a week (one on Wednesday, one on Saturday)? I'm so far ahead in black and white line art that I'm somewhere in 2014.