Comic 43 - Calls Him Lucky

24th Aug 2013, 1:06 AM in Luck is Blind
Calls Him Lucky
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MiloComics 24th Aug 2013, 1:06 AM edit delete
Hey all! Tommy here updating for Will because he couldn't get to a computer with internet access. Here is what I believe is suppose to be today's comic in good ole black and white! Will has informed me that he has colored this one as well but seeing as he doesn't have access the internet at the moment he couldn't upload it or email it to me to post. On the bright side I do happen to have the next 10 comics that I can upload in his absence if it comes to that. Only problem is with the ones I have is they are all still in black and white. Meh, better than nothing though. Hopefully Will can get online and post the color version soon, but if not maybe we could market it as a coloring book sheet. (Just kidding by the way...) Hope you all get a good laugh out of these. There's plenty more where they came from. Until next time viewers. Same Cat time, same cat channel... err... website!


Hey, all! It's Will!

Sorry for the original lack of color on this one. But here's the colored version! Thanks to my buddy Tommy, we were able to make sure the comic didn't even temporarily go on another unexpected hiatus again! Thanks, man!

For those of you unaware, Tommy Gray is our friendly neighborhood webmaster. Pun intended, true believers. Exelcior!

Anyway, I have a staff page, but maybe I'll post that on a special page or wait until we are between chapters. I'd really love not interrupting the reading flow with non-comic things, however. The staff page will be printed in our next upcoming printed book, coming soon, however. I will update when that happens to let you know.

My wife and I will be moving (are currently moving already) this week end (08-31-13 to a few days into September) and my computer may be down during the move. No worries, however, because I'm uploading the next couple of weeks worth of comics. We shouldn't have any troubles, but if we do, our pal Tommy can come to our aid in a pinch.

Until next time, Web-Heads! ...I mean, SuperMilo readers! ;-)