Comic 44 - Get Off'n Me, You!

31st Aug 2013, 12:00 AM in Luck is Blind
Get Off'n Me, You!
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MiloComics 31st Aug 2013, 12:00 AM edit delete
Hey, again!

Well, my wife and I are currently moving, so this is an automatic update - as usual! But no worries, the next two Saturdays' updates are pending in the system as well and I should be up and running again soon!

Back in March when I drew this chapter, I was having a real blast. It was the first SuperMilo comics I had drawn since before the hiatus. I really like how SuperMilo's line art looks this chapter, as well as the interesting old blind man's design and personality. Did I mention that I based his design after a character from a Twilight Zone episode? Also, Lucky is based after a dog that I really owned once. Anyway... Until next time!

By the way, apparently "Allie Oop" is also a very interesting comic strip about a time-traveling cave man. I want to read that sometime!