Comic 45 - Looks Good with a Mustache

7th Sep 2013, 12:00 AM in Luck is Blind
Looks Good with a Mustache
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MiloComics 7th Sep 2013, 12:00 AM edit delete
Welcome back!

This is another automatic update. I hope I'm hard at work coloring and drawing more things, because the automatic stuff is almost up!

I asked myself when I drew today's comic: what would Milo keep in a wallet? I have here two photo memories: a snapshot from his origin story with the "Mysteriously Helpful" stranger who gave him the superpowers and ability to walk and talk like a man. Also I have here a photo of the first purse snatcher he took down. You can see a photo of him stopping for ice cream during this here: And, once catching the mugger, you can see a photo of him handing the woman a camera to take this photo here: Yes, I try to put in these little continuity details. :-)

SuperMilo doesn't have a job, so he's not likely to be found with actual money. Here he has one of those fake $2 bills... Wait, I meant to draw a $3 bill with Bill Clinton on it, lol. Oh well, so he managed to get his hands on real money after all, lol. I don't ever see $2's so I forgot they were real. Ha. Anyway, he also has a Canadian bill, which interests him as he thinks they're money is funny and he seems to have an afinity for Canada. He also seems to have an infinity for the Jewish, and on his driver's license you can see where he claims to be Jewish. He also claims a lot of other untrue things. For example, it's highly doubtful that the address is correct (I haven't decided yet), but it's true that he lives in Clemmons City, NC (based and named after a real small town and nearby city in NC). It's not true, however, that his class is "F" (although he would have gotten grades similar to that if he'd ever been to a school), his endorsement only says "moon" because he thought he was asked what "Endor" from Star Wars was, and his hair is definitly not "flowing," although he wishes in his dreams (and his delusional, mental self-image). Did I miss anything? If I did, try to figure it out. ;-) And, yes, that's a button sticking out too...

What you're likely not to figure out is the yellow and red card he carries. It's an actual real "Superhero Discount" card which is only in reference to this strip here: