Comic 47 - Good with Ketchup

21st Sep 2013, 12:00 AM in Luck is Blind
Good with Ketchup
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Author Notes:

MiloComics 21st Sep 2013, 12:00 AM edit delete
Hello, everyone!

I came VERY close to not getting this one out on time! Well, my wife and I had a great vacation up in Williamsburg, VA, and we're still unpacking our things into the new house, but at least I have my computer and drawing table up right now. Been very busy lately due to the new house, vacation, etc, and my art work has sadly taken the back seat again. I did get one 3-panel drawn yesterday at work though. Today's my day off, then back to work I go again tomorrow.

Today's comic was not originally scripted, but was created off of the top of my head as page filler due to printing issues once the printed book is made. Namely, I'd have half a page blank with no content on the printed page if I hadn't have made this filler. The one where SuperMilo shows us his wallet is also filler content, for example, to fix that problem.

See you next Saturday!