Comic 48 - Canes and Walkers

28th Sep 2013, 12:00 AM in Luck is Blind
Canes and Walkers
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MiloComics 28th Sep 2013, 12:00 AM edit delete
I'm actually making fun of (or fun with) K & W Cafeteria, which is a popular franchise restuarant in the areas I've lived in. Yes, even the real Clemmons has a K & W. Around these parts many actually do call it "Kanes and Walkers" because older folks frequent it there the most often (or so is the stereotype; my own grandmother often frequented there, so I guess it could be a true stereotype, ha). Later on I'll make fun of Taco Bell. My wife wants to call it, "Toxic Bowels," lol.

If you notice the sky, I didn't like the way I was using a gradient, so I eventually did away with the gradient. I went back and redid the sky backgrounds in earlier comic strips as well, although I don't plan on re-uploading those. You'll see the corrected sky coloring in the printed version or later on my Deviant Art.

Speaking of printed versions, if all goes well I should already have a table for this coming up Winston Salem Comic Convention. I think it's the last Saturday in October. Wear a costume and get in at a discount. Hopefully I'll be selling a new printed SuperMilo book there. Details later, but most likely will be held at the Holiday Inn on University PKWY, Winston-Salem, NC.