Comic 5 - Not Good for the TV's

5th Jun 2013, 12:00 AM in Shopping Buddies
Not Good for the TV's
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MiloComics 5th Jun 2013, 12:00 AM edit delete
ORIGINAL COMMENT (08/23/2009):

"Wooh! Another strip done and this time a 6-panel! I wanted to get this done and posted by Sunday but things didn't work out. I'm not entirely satisfied with this one, so give some serious critiquing if you can. Thanks!

In other news I've been extremely busy lately. An animation I did for my local college was presented at last Thursday's intercollegiate staff meeting of which I attended and was recognized at. I was offered a job on campus as a Lab Tech supervisor in which I will be opening the lab for Digital Effects and Animation students and answering any questions they might have. Otherwise I'll be getting paid $11 an hour to sit on my butt and draw SuperMilo or surf the internet, ha ha. Life is sweet. Finally. I have also started classes again today for the semester; Survey of Mathematics and Video Game Design. Hopefully none of these things will interfere too much with the comic strip here.

Remember, a 6-panel is like two 3-panels which means it counts as two posts! w00t! ...not really."

NEW COMMENT (06/04/2013):

I blew that job. And it actually paid me $12 to sit on my butt. I never got any comics done. Instead I became an internet zombie. No students EVER came, except once or twice. I didn't end up answering any questions. It was also the last semester I attended college there. I met my soon-to-be-future wife that semester and never really returned to college. Life is happier now, albeit different and with many more responsibilities.

Anyway, we'll wrap up with the old content by around July 6th, in which case ALL SuperMilo mirror sites will start uploading the NEW black and white content. Why black and white? The color was slowing me down, hence the 2 year or so hiatus. But all will be revealed in due time. I believe you came for a funny webcomic, and not for my dialogue, am I not correct?


candiliciouscartoons 27th Jun 2014, 3:41 AM edit delete reply
Haha, SuperMilo enjoys teevee quite a lot!