Comic 52 - Flock 'O' Geese

26th Oct 2013, 12:00 AM in Luck is Blind
Flock 'O' Geese
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MiloComics 26th Oct 2013, 12:00 AM edit delete
Hey, everybody!

I know, I know... Geese aren't green like ducks, but I don't care. It looks good, lol.

Sorry for the slow update pace of one comic a week. Lately I've been thinking of turning that into 2 comics a week, but I'm not sure I can do that. I'm so busy in life that I only get comic work done while at work these days. And that's VERY inconvenient and I think sometimes bad for my line art, what with all of the distractions and having to stop and work. The reason I do art work at my job is simply out of necessity. But that's partially my fault. I'm too distracted by everything else while at home. I usually end up script writing or coloring instead of drawing line art while off work, and that's only when my wife is working. When she's off work, I try to spend my time with her instead. Which means I also have to get any house and yard work and errands done on my days off while she's at work too. But, MAN! Even I think SuperMilo is progressing WAY slower than it needs to. If you think so too, please comment!

Speaking of progressing slowly, I don't have that issue #2 printed yet. Kinks in the plan revolving around money. Speaking of money, I've been putting together a custom superhero costume. It's a Gospelman costume, based on my Christian comic book series of the same name. Yeah, I'd be reporting this news on that comic, but I haven't really done any new Gospelman material since about 2012. I'm hoping to change that, but I'm only just one man, after all. Can't do everything. But, Lord willing, maybe I can do some children's ministry outreach or something with the costume. I dunno. But it's not complete yet and it would be better if I lost a little weight first, ha ha ha...

Anyway, some commentary... The current chapter, which is almost done, was conceived quite some time ago, but actually conceived and written after several chapters that haven't been drawn or shown here yet. I placed it earlier on in the story for several reasons. I think it flows well from the Sleeping in the Park chapter and brings us back to the titular character. I'm sorry we focused on Stripes and the customers of the Jazz Cafe for too long back in 2011 when I started that chapter. If I hadn't have been fighting a hiatus, that chapter would have been done and over with much sooner. But it did give me a LOT of time to work on my scripts. Both fortunately and unfortunately (for those who'd rather we focused on SuperMilo), that Poetry with Stripes/Shades of Blue chapter (Chapter 4) has become the spring board for storylines years to come. Years because of the slow update pace, mind you. But I'm planning to intertwine plenty of SuperMilo filler chapters between heavy plot chapters wherever the flow would make sense and be uninterrupted. We have about 13 chapters so far to be drawn and uploaded before finishing what I hope will be the first trade paperback collection which leads into an action packed main series that starts with a elongated, drawn-out flashback of the true origin stories for SuperMilo and his friends. It's my plans, however, that this main series "Month One" type origin story - ideally collected in its own trade paperback - will only be offered to readers in print form through IndyPlanet's website, local comic shops, and from me when I set up at comic conventions. As all important as the origin story really is, it will majorly disrupt the flow of the developing stories that Chapter 4: Poetry with Stripes has spring boarded. I'm hoping to continue on with the comic strip's flow online. I'd like to stay on track with the developing stories. It's possible that I could however publish these comics as a separate webcomic online, though... Speaking of the "Month One" origin comic, the line art and colors are already under way for the first issue in that series. Which I hope isn't too noticeable if my art style changes by the time I get that far in the strip series. There will be a tie-in.

In other news, I haven't been updating this comic in the other webcomic upload sites due to time constraints.

Adios! Until NEXT SATURDAY!! Remember, SuperMilo updates EVERY SATURDAY at about 12:00AM sharp!!

...Oh, and "Happy All Saints Evening" this Thursday! Nyuk, nyuk!