Comic 54 - Ooh Waffles!

9th Nov 2013, 4:42 PM in Luck is Blind
Ooh Waffles!
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MiloComics 9th Nov 2013, 4:42 PM edit delete
Hey, hopefully still faithful readers!

Will here! Sorry for the late update today! I was finally able to get online to post this black and white for you all, though. I wasn't able to have this one fully colored on time, but I promised to have it colored and posted sometime Monday.

Today's comic strip marks the end of this short story / filler chapter. Come back next Saturday when we start a whole new chapter - the best yet that I've ever done, but at the same time the longest chapter of SuperMilo to date. We'll probably be in this chapter FOREVER. I might post only black and whites and post it twice a week from that chapter forward. I'm not sure yet. The chapter is so darn long that it might be a good idea to speed things up. That and I've got TONS of line art drawn months ahead of time... But not the colors.

In today's post we see some cameos of people I know in real life. Yep, I love these cameos! From left to right: Justin Phlegar, K.B. the father of a friend of mine (unless he doesn't want it to be him, ha ha), Donna and Randy Murdock who are my in-laws, my wife Mandie, and Tommy Gray. Justin and Tommy are close friends who have I've occasionally worked with on comics and video game projects with in the past. At some points in time I've tried to form a "team" or "group" called "MiloTeam" out of these friends in hopes that we would work on more things together, but the responsibilities and different dreams and goals in our lives have put us into different directions. Tommy and Justin are two of these friends whom I've enjoying working with the most and the most often. I still work on my comics - though at times it is difficult to find the time - but try to remember those who have helped encourage and support me through the years. I'd like to thank everyone who I have honorable mentioned today in my comic. :-) Especially my beautiful wife, Mandie Boyer (who's hair I drew too puffy but have corrected in the colored version). I love you, honey!

In other news, I might have my new comic issue in these local stores before the end of the year (maybe, depending on finances):

1. Classic Comics in Lewisville, NC
2. Burke Street Comics in Winston-Salem, NC

I'll let you know if any other sale locations are decided.

Ciao, peeps! See you again next Saturday when we start the chapter, "Srambled Aliens and Bacon!"

UPDATE 11-12-13: Hey, all! Sorry that the colored version didn't go up until Tuesday night! That's life, eh? I don't want another hiatus on the comic, but, well, I have more pressing responsibilities these days, sadly for my artistic passion. Anyway, stay tune for the new comic this Saturday - it's another full pager!