Comic 55 - Eggs and Bakey

15th Nov 2013, 11:00 PM in Scrambled Aliens and Toast part 1
Eggs and Bakey
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MiloComics 15th Nov 2013, 11:00 PM edit delete
Hey, all!

There's a P.K.E. Meter on the table in one of the panels. Also, see that "I.O.U. ~ <3 SuperMilo" sticky note? Yeah, that's Milo's trademarked "borrowing" note. We first saw it here: SuperMilo travels around with a notepad of them already filled out. But that's not a very important detail.

Also, I hate the misplaced dialogue of the nameless General (who is covered in Scout badges for exaggeration). "Destroyed it" was originally arranged differently, but I had to digitally correct it. Sadly, the above is only marginally better than the original. The reason why is because this strip was difficult to arrange. I needed that last panel of SuperMilo for the punchline and couldn't afford to do it only on the next page or update, as the punchline is the most important detail. I am glad I was able to arrange it well enough to do this strip, but that dialogue...

If you didn't know, this chapter is titled, "Scrambled Aliens and Toast," after this first strip. The rest of the chapter doesn't have much to do with breakfast.

Unimportant tidbit - SuperMilo is eating breakfast here because he just woke up last chapter. It's probably past 12 noon. This chapter originally was placed somewhere else in my script master document, but I wanted to work on this chapter SO BAD that I moved it back here. Same thing with the last chapter about SuperMilo meeting the blind man and dog. I wrote them much later (I actually wrote the last chapter after this one we're starting, although this chapter has received tons of revision) than the previous content, and likewise I have future stories that I originally wrote years ago in 2009.

This chapter does something I attempted to do in the "Poetry with Stripes" chapter, but MUCH better. I am introducing the characters using narrative instead of the cheap way I used Black Gnat to do so with his case files. However, that did jump start a now important story element, creating many plots and subplots that otherwise wouldn't have happened. SuperMilo - will he be a good guy or a bad guy? Right now he's in the gray area in between. He's an anti-hero or whatever Deadpool of Marvel Comics is.

If you're seeing the black and white of this today - then that means I wasn't able to color this on time and the NEW black and white update system plan I'm doing is working (Edit: I decided to go B&W in general, actually). You see, I'll upload black and whites ahead of time, but then replace them with the colored version before that next Saturday, if possible (I'm pretty sure I'm going all B&W now, however; explanation below).

I still haven't decided if I'll be updating twice a week or not from now on. When it happens, you'll know though (I won't; same Milo day, same Milo hour - SATURDAY). If I do, look forward to seeing the next update on Wednesday. That's right - Saturdays and Wednesdays, but only if I decide to post twice a week. (Sorry, doesn't look like I'm doing that. Just on Saturdays. Explanation below.)

UPDATE: Actually, this editing to my comment was done pre-live, so to you this isn't an update. Anyway, I've decided that I can't keep doing colors. Why? I've learned recently that, although I don't work much on my comics these days except for when I am at my actual full-time job (and we are SEVERELY slow and lacking of work to do, mind you; I have supervisor permission to set up on the drafting table and draw my line art), my wife feels neglected by me as my mind is constantly on my comic work, the stories and plots (you haven't seen it yet, but I am weaving a somewhat lengthy and complicated plot), idea note taking and sketches, and when I am off-work (but while my wife is at work) coloring the comic on my computer. This has also lead to me neglecting house and yard chores. Maybe, then again, this is just a bad time right now, as I was able to get by pretty well with the last chapter or so of SuperMilo in color, so it's possible colors may return, but the truth is that my wife - and house upkeep, sadly - is more important. Heck, if my dream of becoming a comic book artist comes true one day, I'll be able to do this full-time and hopefully be better able to separate my work from my home life. Until then, no matter what I do, I need to love my wife more than I love my art or career, and I need to show it in my actions - and we all know that actions are the outcome of our thought lives. Spending so much time planning, thinking, and creating my comics (despite lack of evidence online that I am so hard at work due to my slow work progress; I am only one man), while in the meantime spending far less to absolutely no time doing house and yard work or planning outings and dinners and celebrations and surprises and dates for my wife, is making my wife feel left out and my house and yard fall apart (as well as putting too much extra work on my poor wife). So... I've heard that Charles Schultz of Peanuts/Charlie Brown and Snoopy fame lost his wife and kids because he was a workaholic. I may not know the exact details of how or why that happened or whether or not they made up and got back together later, and like Charles (who I am told was also a Christian like me) I too don't want to have to choose between my wife or my art and want both. But, unless I change, who knows what damage my neglect could do? So, I hope that all of you will keep reading my work - if you like it - despite it being in black and white. Besides, I think that this new chapter we are setting out on is the pinnacle of my art so far. Yes, my artistic skills start truly shining and improving in this chapter. It's too bad it MAY not be in color (I may still try from time to time; we'll see), but hopefully my black and whites will be able to carry the comic in the mean time. I would just stop the comic and delay it until I had each one colored, but I just don't want to go on a hiatus again. Would my fans - if there be any at all - still stay loyal readers if I had no scheduled update pattern and they never knew when during the week to log in and check it out? Yeah, I didn't think so.

By the way, the comic will eventually be colored and printed in book form. If you like my black and whites and my story telling through the years, please be looking out for the colored versions.

Also, if you're a colorist, feel free to drop me a line at SuperMiloFanArt at if you'd like to talk business. But I make no promises I'll hire anyone (I'd like to though). ;-)

Also, that's a great e-mail for sending me, you know, fan mail and art. Ha. I've already received 17 pieces of fan art, none of which have appeared on Comic Fury yet but appear across all of the other mirror sites for SuperMilo. I even have fan art from a few semi-famous cartoonists, such as Thomas Clemmons of Robot Friday and Paul Kaminsky of Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comic. Actually, I asked Thomas to do one for me, and I think Paul did one because I forced on him a free SuperMilo book back when I was trying to promote the series and spread the word, but hey - they still count as other cartoonists' renderings of my character, right? Also, Marc Lapierre of SuperFogeys (by Brock Heasely) did one for me as well, albeit because I won a contest. But, yeah, some GREAT stuff one way or another. I print them in the printed physical books and promote the cartoonists and their work who do these pieces. Sadly, I don't know how to post a separate fan art page here on this comic fury account, but if you'd like some promotion on my websites and in my books, fan art is one way. Also, I just love to know someone is enjoying my work enough to even do fan art, ha ha...

Enjoy this chapter, people! It's the BEST chapter yet for SuperMilo!