Comic 56 - Moderately Alarming

22nd Nov 2013, 11:00 PM in Scrambled Aliens and Toast part 1
Moderately Alarming
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MiloComics 22nd Nov 2013, 11:00 PM edit delete
Hey, Miloheads!

Okay, so that probably won't catch on... Anyway, sorry again that we've gone black and white.

Anywho, today's strip introduces us to exactly what is facing our protagonist - an alien space worm bursting out of his navel. Obviously a parody spoof of Aliens starring Sigourney Weaver - a movie I somehow have never seen a single episode of, but should someday. I know, crazy I haven't, isn't it?

I've been doing a LOT of script editing lately. I've added a bunch of whole new stories for the line up, but it seems like I'm making us wait longer for the big pay offs, so maybe I can reduce our wait time by holding off on some of these stories until later? Meh...

Anywho, looks like we won't be updating again until after Thursday, so... HAPPY HANNUKAH! Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving, lawls...

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