Comic 57 - Space Worms

29th Nov 2013, 11:00 PM in Scrambled Aliens and Toast part 1
Space Worms
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MiloComics 29th Nov 2013, 11:00 PM edit delete
Yo, peeps!

Sorry for the 3 panel this week. Helps me keep up with updates though. I actually get one full pager down every one or two weeks (these days, more like two), so it's crucial I not hurt myself. Oh, and that's pencil and ink line art only, not colors. I'd get several full pagers done a day (I have before) if I didn't have as many responsibilities on my plate... Ah, but I do this for the love of the art medium and narrative...

I feel that SM's reaction is kind of weird since he calmed down already in the last 6 panel one in which the worm first bursts out of his chest, but the reason why he is doing this again is because I needed another 3 panel comic for printing purposes. The next update, also 3 panels, will show you why I added this one above. But, in story, we could say that SuperMilo was in shock for a second after screaming and is going through the motions. He goes through them very quickly, however, as his sudden two panel depression is only that - two panels.

Oh, I forgot to mention this last time... DrunkDuck no longer is called that. It's "TheDuckWebcomics" now. Sorry, didn't get around to correcting some of these...

See you NEXT SATURDAY!!! Remember, we update EVERY Saturday!