Comic 83 - Finally Got 'Em

31st May 2014, 12:00 AM in Intermission
Finally Got 'Em
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Author Notes:

MiloComics 31st May 2014, 12:00 AM edit delete
I just HAD to do it. Putting a smile on Colonel's face like that? Brings me so much joy.... And congrats! Possibly the last time you'll see Stripes saying poetry for a VERY long time to come... Unless you like these segments, of course. I could always put some in or do single one-off, non-sequit... uh... "it-does-not-follow" gag strips with Stripes saying poetry. Separate from the main SuperMilo strip here, of course, updating separately and in its own book. But no plans on that anytime soon.

By the way, the original comics I did in the 90's had Stripes with itty-bitty, teeny-weeny beady eyes. It was a joke. I hadn't shown his eyes in years, ever since I gave him the glasses (originally he didn't have them and was a non-talking feral alley cat; the rebooted comic you are now reading gives him a better, yet similar, back story... To be seen in the origin comics - coming whenever I can make them!).

We return to see how SuperMilo is doing on June 7th! Set your calendar! w00t! THAT'S THIS SATURDAY!!!